Fox & Goose Inn Chesterfield Wedding Photography

“We adore Derbyshire and The Peak District and the theme of our wedding is rustic country and we feel your photography style would suit our wedding perfectly”

Laura & Josh contacted me back in December to enquire about photography for their wedding day, we agreed to meet up to discuss the finer details. Those of you who know of Buxton, will know how crazy the snow can get during winter and on the day we decided to meet, it was no exception. Thankfully I made it over to Chesterfield in one piece and we had a great chat about their wedding, The Peak District and just general countryside walking.

Fast forward to their engagement shoot and the weather struck again! The whole of the Peak District was covered in a blanket of snow and Buxton was pretty much on lock down, after eyeing up the conditions, we all agreed it would be best to postpone.

Peak District Engagement Shoot

Take 2! March’s weather seemed to be much better and so we headed up to Stanage Edge, a favourite place of Laura and Josh. The skies were moody but the sun kept peeking out of the clouds, just enough to create some amazing light!


Stanage Edge Engagement Shoot
Stanage Edge Engagement Shoot
Peak District Engagement Shoot
Peak District Engagement Shoot
Peak District Engagement Shoot
Stanage Edge Engagement Shoot

Fox & Goose Inn Chesterfield Wedding Photography

First stop of the big day was to photograph Josh’s groom prep. Laura and Josh live in Chesterfield so it wasn’t far from either of their prep locations to The Fox & Goose Inn.

Josh was getting ready with his groomsmen, they all wore beautiful tweed suits highlighted with orange ties and pocket squares. The sun was shining which allowed us to get outside and grab some great shots of them all.


Groom Prep
Groom Portrait


Next it was time to head over to Laura for bridal prep. Laura was getting ready family at her childhood home, not too far away from where Josh was getting ready. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by everyone and really made to feel part of the celebrations. Laura opted to have her make up done first, followed by her hair.

Laura’s mum had created a surprise for her by converting her old bedroom into a beautiful room for her tog et ready in, including old photos of when she was younger, other memorabilia and items that belonged to family members who had previously gotten married and had featured them in their wedding. It was such a nice gesture and a lovely surprise for Laura.

Bridal Prep
Bridal Prep
Bridal Prep
Flowers and Shoes

Whilst waiting for Laura to have her hair finished, I quickly nipped downstairs to photograph her amazing dress. I love seeing all the different styles of wedding dresses and after seeing Laura in hers, I instantly could see why she had picked it, she looked amazing!

Wedding Dress

Once Laura was ready, we headed outside in the glorious sunshine to shoot her bridal portraits. Their house had wonderful bright red brickwork and the sun was creating gorgeous back light, I just knew I had to use this to my advantage for her photos.


Chesterfield Wedding Bridal Portraits

The Ceremony

Now it was time to head over to The Fox & Goose Inn in Wigley. The venue is located on Pudding Pie Hill, which I think in itself is totally awesome! (I’m not obsessed with pudding and cake, honestly 😉 )

The Fox & Goose Inn Wedding

Josh was at the venue when I arrived and it wasn’t long before Laura and her bridesmaids also arrived. They had their service in the orangery, which is a stunning room with a real rustic feel to it. It was a beautiful ceremony and everyone in the room had a big grin from ear to ear throughout the whole service.

The Fox & Goose Inn Wedding Ceremony
The Fox & Goose Inn Wedding Ceremony
The Fox & Goose Inn First Kiss

Socialising In The Sun

After the service had finished, everyone headed outside to enjoy the glorious sunshine! You’d have never guessed it was April with how amazing the weather was. The Fox & Goose Inn has a wonderful terrace area where guests can hang out, there’s also a small park too which is great for the kids (and the adults).

Wedding Party Enjoying The Sun
The Guys Having Fun
Two Groomsmen Playing on the Swings

The Speeches

The reception room upstairs in the Fox & Goose Inn is simply beautiful! The fairy lights draped around the beams make it such a magical place to be. Laura’s dad kick started the speeches followed by Josh and then the two groomsmen; who certainly generated a few giggled throughout the room.

Father Of The Bride Speech
The Grooms Speech

Couple Shots

Following on from the wedding breakfast and speeches, it was now time for the couple shots. The weather outside was still gorgeous and sunset was approaching quickly. I grabbed Laura and Josh and we headed out to the picturesque woodland in the grounds of the Fox & Goose Inn. The light was amazing and so were Laura and Josh, they were naturals in front of the camera and that really showed in their images.

The Fox & Goose Inn Wedding Portraits
Laura and Josh At The Fox & Goose Inn, Chesterfield
Laura and Josh With A View

Cake Cutting

The cake that had been chosen for the big day was really something, it stood impressively stacked and was a real centrepiece during the evening. I love cake so I always have to grab an arty photo of the cake before it gets cut.

The Wedding Cake
Laura and Josh Cake Cutting

First Dance

Technically there were two first dances 😉 one for Laura and Josh and then one for Laura and her dad. I always love it when there’s a father and daughter dance, it really shows the bond between them both. I love getting creative on the dance floor and this extends to the guests dancing too.

Laura and Josh First Dance
Laura And Her Dad Dancing
Chesterfield Wedding Party Dancing

Under The Stars

Normally this would be where the wedding came to a close. However, the fantastic weather continued and we were treated to a beautiful clear sky! I’ve always wanted to photograph the bride and groom under a sky full of stars, but it’s very rare that we get such clear skies during wedding hours. I was so happy Laura and Josh were up for one last photo and it’s one of my favourite shots to date! For those who are interested, that’s Pleiades (the seven sisters) right between Laura and Josh.

Wedding Astrophotography - Couple Under The Stars

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