Hello! If you’re reading this, it’s possibly because you want to make sure that you’re picking the right person to be your wedding photographer!

So let me introduce myself:

• My name is Sarah 🙂

• I was born and raised in the picturesque spa town of Buxton, Derbyshire.

• I now live on an awesome 50ft narrowboat just over the border in North Wales.

• I spend a lot of my free time dragging my butt up hills for landscape photography or mountain biking down said hills.

• I am addicted to the Scottish Highlands. It’s my home away from home and I try to visit as many times as I can possibly squeeze in, each year!

• I have an unhealthy obsession with campervans.. currently on van conversion #3

• I literally cannot function without coffee and cake ☕🍰

• I LOVE the mountains!

• I have an apprentice Cockapoo called Munro (after the Scottish Mountains)

If you want to chat about your wedding photography then feel free to contact me using the button below.

I’m a candid style photographer. I like to be discreet and capture the day naturally as it happens, you won’t even notice I’m there a lot of the time. Although I shoot in a discrete way, you know you can always count on me to be there to hold a dress up through the mud, adjust windswept hair, spot the location capturing that golden hour sun, all to ensure your day is the best adventure.

The great outdoors is a huge inspiration and is what drives my passion and creativity. I love to include it in your photos wherever possible! So if you’re up for climbing a hill on your wedding day, so am I!

When I’m not shooting and editing weddings, you’re more than likely to find me up a mountain or road trippin’ in our campervan. I’m pretty certain adventure is in my veins! I love to get out and about, finding new things to see and do and I’m sure we can all agree that everyone appreciates the view from the top of a mountain.

I’m also a destination photography partner for the tourist board Visit Peak District. I love knowing the Peak District like the back of my hand and I feel very lucky to have grown up on the doorstep.

Did I mention have a slight obsession with coffee… and cake, lots of cake!

Adventure and Elopement Wedding Photography