Campervan Wedding – Chesterfield

We’re having a relaxed do with the ceremony at 4.30 for just family & the dogs 😊 then friends will turn up at 6 pm for a pie & pea supper and a live band

I first met Suzanne when I put a call out in one of the campervan groups on Facebook, asking if anyone local had the elevating roof we were looking at for our very own campervan. If so, would they mind if we had a look so we knew what we were buying? Suzanne dropped me a message saying they were based in Chesterfield and we would be more than welcome to have a look. So off we went to look at their amazing T5 camper, it was beautiful and the poptop was exactly what we were looking for! We then chatted away on and off for a few weeks.

One day we spotted her out and about and gave her the typical VW wave 😀 I dropped her a message afterwards to say we’d spotted her and that’s when she asked if I was available for hers and Vanessa’s wedding date. As you all know, being obsessed with campervans, I was ecstatic when I heard they were having a campervan wedding theme.

Peak District Engagement Shoot

To say the weather was a bit grim for Suzanne and Vanessa’s engagement shoot was a big understatement, it was foggy, damp and pretty cold. However it made for some really moody images, I absolutely love how they turned out and the highland cows even got involved too!


Peak District Engagement Shoot
Couple sat on Baslow Edge
Fun Photoshoot on Baslow Edge
Highland Cow

Campervan Wedding!

As Suzanne and Vanessa had opted not to have any photos whilst getting ready (due to them feeling too nervous), I was to wait for their arrival in their beautiful orange type 2 campervan. Suzanne had informed me about the campervan long before their big day so I was super excited to see it. I did however have to keep it a secret as it was a huge surprise for Vanessa on the morning.

Newly Weds arrive in VW CAMPERVAN

Campervan Wedding Arrival
Sat in the Campervan
Getting out of the Campervan
Getting out of the Campervan
Newly weds in Campervan


It wouldn’t be a true campervan wedding without an appearance of their very own VW T5 campervan. 😀 complete with their beautiful teal poptop we’d previously admired ❤️ It was great to see two campers parked up from completely different generations.

Beautiful Type 2 Campervan
New Campervan

As the guests started to arrive, I noticed Suzanne’s brother had arrived. The huge hugs that followed indicated the massive amount of love and happiness that was to follow during the day. The weather was looking promising and allowed the guests to socialise outside before heading in for the service.

Suzanne Hugging her brother
Vanessa hugging her brother in law

The Ceremony at The Fox & Goose Inn, Chesterfield

This was the second wedding I’ve shot at The Fox & Goose Inn, Chesterfield, this year and it was no less impressive. It’s such a beautifully rustic venue with bags of character and scenic views. This time the ceremony took place upstairs and it was so pretty with all the fairy lights twinkling around.

The service was incredible, the atmosphere was full of love and joy. Looking around the room, you could clearly see how happy everyone was for the newly married couple.

The Fox & Goose Inn Entrance
The Fox & Goose Inn Ceremony Room
The couple during the service
Signing the register
The couple just married

The Campervan Cake

Continuing the campervan wedding theme, their beautiful cake was surrounded by miniature campervan figures.

Campervan Cake
Campervan figures
Campervan figures
Wooden Innitials

The cake cutting took place early in the evening, to allow time for couple photos and then for everyone to enjoy their evening freely.

Cutting the campervan cake
Cutting the campervan cake

The very informal and impromptu speeches followed the cake cutting. It was really refreshing to have an off script speech, without expectations just from the heart and completely in the moment.

The couple during the speeches

Couple Photos in the Sunset

We were lucky enough to have a spectacular sunset towards the end day. I couldn’t resist walking up to the top of The Fox & Goose Inn to make the most of the beautiful countryside views and the warm glow of the setting sun. They were both amazing (especially Suzanne, who’d had a few to drink by this point 😉 ) and I really love the images we were able to capture.

The couple blowing dandelion seeds
Beautiful sunset in the Peak District with the couple

The Evening Celebrations

Following the couple shots, the evening was kicked off with an acoustic singer and guitarist followed by a live band. Both were amazing to watch and really got the guests up and dancing around. It was great to see everyone having fun and fully enjoying themselves.

Singer at The Fox & Goose Inn
Band at The Fox & Goose Inn
Dancing at The Fox & Goose Inn
Dancing at The Fox & Goose Inn
Dancing at The Fox & Goose Inn
Dancing at The Fox & Goose Inn

It was certainly a fantastic day, I’m a big fan of campervan wedding themes and this was right up my street. Thanks for reading,
Sarah x

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