What If We Get Rain On Our Wedding Day?

It’s a question I get asked a lot as a wedding photographer. Usually by a panicking bride or groom, dreading that their big day will get washed out by a downpour. My immediate response? “Don’t worry about it!”

I’m usually then greeted by one of two expressions… Either a sigh of relief that it won’t ruin their day OR a look of ‘what the hell do you mean don’t worry, of course I’m bloody worrying’

Chill Out, I’ve got it under control!

I’ve been fairly lucky in the sense that throughout my entire wedding photography career, I’ve only ever had ONE wedding where it rained relentlessly for the entire day, without a break!

There have been many days where it has rained heavily for periods of the day, or for the part you really wanted to go out and get those ‘awesome sunset’ shots. However, it’s not the end of the world. Having a photographer that knows how to work in all weather conditions is the key!


Buxton Portrait Photographer - Debbie and J Sunset
Buxton Portrait Photographer - Debbie and J

Rain and storms can sometimes produce some interesting and changeable conditions. The photos above were taken in the few minutes following a crazy snow storm! Awesome eh? Bad weather doesn’t always mean bad conditions 🙂

What if we still get rain on our wedding day?

Ever heard the phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them” ? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.


Peak District Wedding Photographer - Curbar Edge - Rain

I carry a bridal umbrella to every wedding I shoot, just in case the weather gods aren’t on our side. Living in the Peak District means I’m well aware that the Great British weather can quite often have a mind of it’s own.

In the height of summer it can be pouring down with rain.

In the depth of winter, it can be the most epic light you’ve ever seen.

If you’re not afraid to step outside and embrace the rain, then you should definitely do it!

I promise you it will be 100% worth it!

Manchester Wedding Photographer - Karen and John
Derbyshire Wedding Photographer - Phil and Dan

I secretly hope for rain!

Don’t all rush to strangle me just yet…

Sometimes on a dull day, I would actually prefer it to rain a little. See, as a photographer that specialises in flash photography, I love nothing more than to get creative. Rain offers that perfect opportunity! By lighting up the raindrops, a miserable rainy day can be transformed into a magical moment.



Whilst the image without the flash is still a lovely shot, you can’t see the raindrops lit up magically in the sky and the umbrella illuminated, throwing beautiful soft light onto the couple. It really does make embracing the weather worth it, especially if the location is an awesome Peak District spot, like Curbar Edge.

We don’t want to embrace the rain!

That’s fine too! I totally get it. You’ve spent a lot of time and money on getting your hair done, finding the perfect dress/suit etc. or you quite simply just don’t want to go outside where it’s cold and wet.

So what are your options?


Peak District Photographer - Upper House Hayfield

This doesn’t mean you can’t get epic photos if it rains. If you don’t want to go outside, we’ll shoot inside instead. Most venues are geared up for having photos taken inside. After all, it’s their job to be a wedding venue. The examples above show how using the spiral staircase and main room at Upper House in Hayfield create equally as beautiful shots.

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer - Haddon Hall

Both Upper House and Haddon Hall offer beautiful indoor and outdoor spots for photography. So no matter what the weather brings, you can guarantee gorgeous photos.

We don’t want to miss out though!

If you still want to go outside or your venue doesn’t have a suitable spot inside, you still have another option 🙂


Derbyshire Wedding Photographer - Debbie-and-J

Finding a spot that’s sheltered can still provide you with fabulous outdoorsy shots without the need to get wet. A win-win situation for those who aren’t quite up for embracing the elements. Archways, ledges and trees make excellent areas to take photos, whilst being protected from the wind or rain.

The Three Horseshoes Inn

How do you do group shots in the rain?

Good Question.

Two options. Either your guests are up for getting wet and everyone piles outside as quickly as possible to get the shots.
OR we find a space big enough inside or if there isn’t a space big enough, split the groups into smaller ones.


Group Shots In The Rain


Group Shots Indoors

Rain On Our Wedding Day: Solved!

So regardless of whether you want to embrace the rain or not, there are plenty of options. Don’t let it spoil your wedding day.

You can’t control the weather but you can control the solution to getting great photos in it 😀

If you’re interested in booking me as your wedding photographer, please see more of my work here OR you can get in touch via my contact form.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Sarah x