Why YOU Should Have An Engagement Shoot

Why are they so important?

Ok so it’s not really an ‘engagement’ shoot, we all know that by the time you’re looking at photographers, you’re already engaged and looking for an awesome photographer to shoot your big day. In reality, it’s more like a pre-wedding day shoot.

Why is it so important to have an engagement shoot?

So whenever I’m speaking to clients, I always highly recommend having an engagement shoot (P.S. I offer these for FREE with all of my wedding packages) and here’s why:

  • It’s a great environment to meet each other in.
  • You get to see how I work.
  • I get to see how you are in front of the camera.
  • Perfect time to discuss your awesome wedding plans.
  • You get to take away some amazing photos of you both.
Peak District Engagement Shoot
Stanage Edge Engagement Shoot

It’s a great environment to meet each other

I always offer to meet my clients before booking, however for many reasons that’s not always possible. Whether work commitments prevent it, you don’t live locally or purely because you absolutely love my work and want to snap me up immediately (we all know this is the real reason, right 😉 ). Having an engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity to meet each other in person and you get to see me whilst I’m in my zone. Sitting down for coffee is great and don’t get me wrong, I love my coffee, but nothing beats heading out into the beautiful countryside to have a relaxed meet. It also means we all know what each other looks like to save any embarrassing encounters on your big day.

You get to see how I work

This is something that not many people take into consideration and why would you? It’s not something I’d expect people to think of. However, I think seeing me work is really valuable before your big day, not only so you know how I shoot but also how I interact with you whilst shooting. I much prefer a more relaxed approach to photographing people and whilst I’m happy to offer some guidance, I won’t be putting you in some cheesy, awkward pose that makes you feel unnecessarily uncomfortable.

I get to see how you are in front of the camera

This is probably the most important part of an engagement shoot! A lot of people have never been photographed up close and personal by a professional photographer before their wedding day and have no idea what to expect. It’s completely normal to feel unnatural in front of a camera so PLEASE don’t worry if you’re feeling nervous. I’m here to help you feel as relaxed as possible and I promise you’ll feel so much better after your engagement shoot and wonder why you were even nervous to start with.

Then we come on to the style of photos, I’ll chat to you about your personalities, things you love doing together, the type of couple you are etc. This isn’t me just being nosey but it also helps me determine the type of photos I take of you. So many couples think that because they’re getting married, they MUST have lovey dovey, romantic photos of themselves, regardless of whether they’re actually a romantic couple. I can guarantee you’ll feel mega uncomfortable and you probably won’t like your photos either, because it just doesn’t look like you. Bit of advice, DO YOU! Ignore what you read on the internet, ignore what friends or family tell you, have photos that reflect you and your personalities, you’ll immediately feel more relaxed.

Every couple I’ve had, that comes along for an engagement shoot is always more relaxed around the camera on their big day.

Peak District Engagement Shoot Stanage Edge
Upper House Hayfield Engagement Shoot

Perfect time to discuss your awesome wedding plans

This is the best time to get all excited about your ideas, plans and anything else you have in mind. We all know emails can get a bit mundane and soul-less and they’re sometimes hard to get an idea across. This is why I like to get all hyped up about your big day in person, so I can get just as giddy as you. Feel free to show me photos of your decorations, room layouts, invitations, anything you like! Don’t be shy I want to know all the juicy details!

Bluebell Woods Engagement Shoot
Peak District Photographer - Higger Tor

You get to take away some amazing photos of yourself

Whether you use them as your profile picture, as part of your invitation designs or even frame them for guests to sign on your wedding day, you’ll have an awesome set of images to treasure. Not only that, you can feel confident knowing you’ll feel relaxed on your big day and that I’ve got everything covered!

Thanks for looking,
Sarah x

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