On Wednesday I had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and Craig’s engagement shoot, a practice session before their big day. The forecast looks a bit hit and miss as to whether we’d get a glorious sunset or now, but all we could really hope for was no rain. We weren’t disappointed as the weather was dry and the sun was out. We decided to shoot in The Pavillion Gardens, Buxton as this is where their big day is taking place. Sarah had put together a Pinterest Board with ideas on the types of shots she wanted. I then took inspiration from her board and put together my own Pinterest Board to use as inspiration.


The first shot to be taken was under the arches near the Old Hall Hotel. It’s a popular sport for photography as the wonderful arches frame the couple perfectly and they also allow lovely light to shine through the gaps. I quickly set up my flash gun and we set to work. Both of them were quite nervous at first, but I ensured them that this is why we do a pre shoot, so we can choose what they like and dislike before their Wedding Day. I fired off a few test shots whilst they got used to being in front of the camera and once they started to feel more comfortable, I captured some great fun images.

Thumbs Up | Buxton Engagement PhotographySmile | Buxton Engagement Photography

Arch Kiss | Buxton Engagement PhotographyArches Kiss | Buxton Engagement Photography

Holding Hands | Buxton Engagement PhotographyHolding Hands | Buxton Engagement Photography

Next we headed to the Band Stand. Neither of them wanted anything too soppy or cliché so instead of shooting them stood in the gateway with the whole of the stand, I sat them on the steps which allowed them to feel more casual. The steps are great for staggering couples nicely and the natural light combined with the flash gave some lovely colours.


Steps Kiss | Buxton Engagement PhotographySteps Kiss | Buxton Engagement Photography

Steps | Buxton Engagement PhotographySarah & Craig | Buxton Engagement Photography

Then finally we headed into the park for the last few shots. The light was looking really nice and we decided to try out some shadow and silhouette shots whilst the light was still nice. It’s a shame we weren’t slightly elevated as they would have looked fantastic without buildings in the background, however, I really like the urban feel they give either way. Once we had played around with shadows, it was time for some fun before the sun disappeared for the night. Sarah and Craig are both really fun people and their ideas for their Wedding Day massively excite me, so I knew as soon as we headed towards the park they’d be eager to get on the slide. I did get some other shots, but I’ll save them for when we do them for real shots on their Wedding Day, which I cannot wait to shoot!

Shadow Kiss | Buxton Engagement PhotographyShadow Kiss | Buxton Engagement Photography

Shadow | Buxton Engagement PhotographyShadow | Buxton Engagement Photography

Silhouette Kiss | Buxton Engagement PhotographySilhouette Kiss | Buxton Engagement Photography

Bench Kiss | Buxton Engagement PhotographyBench Kiss | Buxton Engagement Photography

Sarah & Craig Slide | Buxton Engagement PhotographySlide | Buxton Engagement Photography

Sarah & Craig Pond | Buxton Engagement PhotographySarah & Craig By The Pond | Buxton Engagement Photography


Buxton Engagement Photography

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