Peak District Photographer

The making of a Peak District Photographer…

Photography is something I had always taken an interest in, back in school I always carried my little compact camera around with me and between my friends I was known as the one to always have a camera on me on outings. Although my interest was just a minor hobby, I never really thought anything would come of it, not to mention building a business on it.

In April 2011 I was given my first DSLR camera, a Canon 450d. Having shot with an automatic compact camera for years, I had no idea how to use it but I knew I strived to have better quality images and that I must stick it out if I wanted to put it to it’s potential.


I started off by taking portrait photography of my friends from Buxton in areas around The Peak District to practice using the different settings on my camera. I soon knew portraiture was going to be a big passion of mine as I picked it up relatively quickly. After setting up a Facebook page and tagging my friends in photos, I started getting requests from other people for me to take their photo. Before I knew it I had several shoots booked and I decided to invest in some studio lights.
My first shoot with my studio lights was for one of my oldest friends, she kindly volunteered to model for me whilst I got to grips with using a new setting on my camera, Manual Mode.

Peak District photographer portraiture studio photography

Then what came next was unexpected… A friend asked (pretty much begged) me to do her wedding photography!!! I enjoyed photography, but was I really ready to take it a step further?! I was nervous, unsure if I was even capable of completing her request. The bride-to-be was pretty persistent with her request and eventually I agreed to shoot her wedding for her. After all I did have a year to prepare myself and brush up on my skills… or so I thought… Shortly after, I received a request to shoot a wedding in Buxton where the original photographer was unable to attend… With only a few months notice!!! Panic set in, but I knew if I put my mind to it, I could achieve anything I wanted. So that’s exactly what I did, put my mind to it, ordered myself a new camera which was a Canon 60d and set to work on capturing Heather and Matthew’s beautiful day!

Peak District Photographer Buxton Wedding Photography

My first year was a scary/crazy one but also a very exciting one. Since then I have gone on to photograph many more weddings, newborn babies, children and more recently landscapes in the Peak District and further afield.

Peak District Photographer Landscape Photography


So that’s me, the making of a Peak District Photographer!


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